The Importance of Giving Back to the Community: MBL’s Charitable Efforts in 2022

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When I considered working for the Metro Baseball League earlier this year, there were a few things that stood out as most important. I have worked with youth baseball programs, kids, and their families for a long time – and MBL is 100 percent committed to communities and families. Digging deeper into this commitment, knowing MBL is a relatively big organization, I wanted to know how MBL contributes financially back to the communities. What kind of long-term charitable efforts and community service do they engage in? To be honest, I was amazed by the answer.

In 2021, MBL gave back $343,000.

Last year we gave back over $400,000.

Where does this money go? How do families benefit?

If you’ve ever played in an MBT State Tournament, MBL League Playoffs, August Classic or Fall League, you’ve experienced these dollars at work. MBL provides significant support to the groups hosting these events, enhancing the experience for the participants.

MBL has put a substantial effort toward supporting umpires – without them, we don’t have a competitive environment. All the umpires at your games are eligible for the MBL bonus program, where they can earn more money per game as they continue to dedicate their time to our game and the kids involved.

Have you attended an MBL-sponsored clinic in the past? MBL continues to offer steeply discounted or free clinics throughout the year for kids of all ages. These affordable clinics are important to the MBL, offering a fun experience paired with great instruction.

Have coaches from your community attended an MBL-sponsored coaching clinic? Coaching is a vital part of the baseball experience for every player. No one plays a bigger role than a coach in determining whether a young athlete enjoys the game and chooses to continue playing baseball. MBL is committed to this, turning charitable efforts into discounted or free coaching clinics offered throughout the year. We want to expand and do more.

If your family has been a part of the MBL community for a year or two, there’s a good chance you’ve played at a field that has been enhanced through MBL charitable contribution. A new pitching mound, batting cages, dugouts – all of these are examples of baseball field improvement grants.

MBL understands the importance of giving back to the communities we serve. These are just some of the ways MBL gives back.

The last point resonated a lot with me. It’s more fun for the kids when they play at better facilities. It’s more fun for parents to WATCH at these facilities. It can make for a feel good, better baseball atmosphere. We all know how difficult it can be to get field projects approved and financed. I think it’s really great that MBL contributes to these long-term baseball field improvements, possibly taking them from just an idea to reality. Those extra dollars can make a huge difference in getting a project approved and that is exactly how the MBL should be and is helping. Communities can request a donation directly from the MBL website and if you have any questions or ideas, our friendly MBL staff would gladly talk with you.

The commitment to giving back – a staple of the MBL – is one of the biggest reasons I started working here. I admire it and am proud to be a part of it. I pledge to our communities that I will continue making it a priority.

Brian Monahan
MBL Director