Charitable Gambling

Did you know that you can play pull tabs, bingo, and other bar games and a portion of the money you spend goes toward improving youth baseball across the Twin Cities? So not only can you have a great time, win some cash, and enjoy great food and drinks, you can help communities improve their baseball fields and facilities! Who knows, someday you might look up at the television at your favorite establishment and see a ballplayer on television that grew up on a field that you helped improve!

Minnesota law states that only nonprofits registered with the Secretary of State or IRS can conduct any charitable gambling efforts. Currently, the Gambling Control Board has approved five forms of gambling: pull-tabs, bingo, paddlewheels, tip boards and raffles.

The Metro Baseball League is a nonprofit organization that runs charitable gambling by offering pull tabs, bingo, and Coach Purse bingo at multiple locations listed below.

Our charitable gambling manager (since 2010) also serves on the Board of Directors of Allied Charities of Minnesota. Along with the assistant manager and the 32 sellers, their focus remains to maintain their 5-star rating with the State of Minnesota Gambling Control Board. The 5-star rating means that we have expended gambling profits back to our 90+ communities. The Metro Baseball League utilizes charitable gambling profits for field and facilities enhancements, partnering with training facilities for affordable clinics, and keeping costs to our community-based traveling baseball leagues low.

In 2021 the Metro Baseball League, through its charitable gambling, was able to provide donations of $343K back to communities for field and facilities enhancements, affordable clinics, and keeping league costs as low as possible.

In 2022, MBL will surpass $400K in donations amassed through the charitable gambling program.

MBL and MBT extend a huge “thank you” to all of our charitable gambling partners – with our help we are able to provide improved playing fields, affordable clinics, and low-cost traveling baseball for communities across the Twin Cities area!

Remember, every time you play pull tabs, bingo, and Coach Purse bingo at these establishments, you are helping to grow youth baseball across the area!