Metro Baseball League Provides Over $71k for Host Communities in 2022

MBL Blog Nov2022

The Metro Baseball League, a non-profit organization created to serve youth baseball in Minnesota and Wisconsin, is proud to announce that they contributed over $71k to the communities that hosted MBL league playoffs, MBT state tournaments, the MBL August Classic, and MBL Fall League
for the 2022 season.

“We’re thrilled that we were not only able to return to normal for the 2022 season, but we had one of our most successful seasons across the board this year, in fact, Fall League alone grew to 318 teams, with 1,560 games played and 66 host communities participating.” said Bob Lilledahl, MBL Executive Director. “The success of youth baseball is always dependent on community participation, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the high level of help we had in 2022, and that we were able to provide over $71,000 back to our MBL, MBT, Aug Classic host communities, above and beyond their gate receipts and concessions means the world to us.”

As a true 501 C3 organization, MBL is able to use funds gained through charitable gambling to keep registration fees down and to give back to baseball communities to make facilities improvements and enhancements.

MBL is proud to have recently provided a donation of $12,500 from charitable gambling to the Shakopee baseball community. The funds were used to help make some beautiful field enhancements, including two new dugouts and batting cages at the West Tahpah Park Fields.

As always, MBL and MBT extend a huge “thank you” to all of our charitable gambling partners – with our help we are able to provide improved playing fields, affordable clinics, and low-cost traveling baseball for communities across the Twin Cities area.

“It’s beyond gratifying for us to be able to give back to our youth baseball communities. It’s literally why we all do what we do,” said Lilledahl. “Developing positive relationships with our member communities is so crucial to our goals – to provide the means and opportunity for youth baseball to thrive. Not only do the kids get to have fun playing baseball, but they’re all learning so many life lessons that will benefit them down the road. Community participation is crucial for us to be successful and it’s important to us that our platforms become win-win for everyone involved.”

The Metro Baseball League continued its growth surge in 2022, with more participation in Metro Baseball League play, Minnesota Baseball Tournament play, and Metro Baseball Fall League, as well as multiple clinics and special events including Twins, Saints, and Northwoods League games.

MBL added 40 teams in 2022 and have grown our social media channels and followers by 67%, with our web traffic increasing by 188%! We encourage you to continue to upload your photos and videos to our social channels. We hope your participation in MBL led to a fun and memorable summer and that along with the wins and losses, you took away some positive life lessons that lead to healthier, more satisfying lives away from the field.

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